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Tree-Trunk listens, asks and advises. Tree-Trunk draws, designs and creates. From tailor-made advice to technology and support. From creative concepts and a design that fits the soul of the company to eye-catching campaigns.

“What fears could have stopped you from using our services?”

If we hadn’t had a good feeling during the first meeting. Getting the idea that everything is about money, instead of the work.

“What made you decide to use our services after all?”

Having good communication, good conversations and a quick understanding of our problems and challenges.

In our second meeting, together with our developer, where we were able to zoom in on the technological aspect , the same principles as above arose.

The feeling that the quality you aspire to achieve is high. Especially because your management team is also former developers you can monitor and assess each project very well.

“What have our services added so far?”

Lots of work and more work for our clients. Because of our cooperation our clients want to work even faster and aim to start more projects.

It provides a peace of mind for us. I was always restless because we had only one programmer, and now the knowledge is spread out.

“What aspect of our services do you find most valuable?”

Flexibility and quality. The basis of the first project we started with you was a bit messy and the improvement of quality we have today is great.

The flexibility of developers Lukasz and Michal, with whom we started quickly, was crucial to us, as well as the rapid switch of tasks.

I notice that you didn’t only do what was asked, but you also advised on what would be best and why we should go for certain options. I have checked these pieces of advice with other contacts and I realized your advice is topnotch, very progressive, and the way to go.

The project we have is complicated. Each feature can only be executed partly. Still I receive each feature for 85% correct each time, without feedback from the client. You really contribute.

“Can you name 3 other benefits of our services?”

The price-quality ratio is great. We can adjust quicker. The work atmosphere, the way we interact, and the respect we have toward each other are all very positive. The flexibility you are able to scale up or down when necessary.

“Would you recommend our services within your network?”

Yes, I recommend to anyone, but under our supervision.

“Would you like to add anything else?”