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The Dutch Selection

The biggest and smartest smartphone comparison tchnology for better decision making. The Dutchselection take millions of cell phone plans and cell phones from all the major carriers and offer an easy and fast interface to compare, choose and order.

“What fears could have stopped you from using our services?”

The possibility of unprofessionalism in the service that was offered. It is hard to estimate whether a party will deliver good work. Quality matters a great deal to us.

“What made you decide to use our services after all?”

The possibility to visit and work in Poland and assess the professionalism there. Price and availability were also important considerations.

“What have our services added so far?”

The possibility to make a part of our product that we otherwise wouldn’t have had the resources for.

“What aspect of our services do you find most valuable?”

Transparency and the possibility to have someone work in an existing team.

“Can you name 3 other benefits of our services?”

Price, different disciplines that are available and accessibility (outsourcing someone in India for example is also an option, but then people are 100 percent remote).

“Would you recommend our services within your network?”

Yes, but it must match goals. It worked well for us for what we wanted to do and I think the strength for you is in delivering specifications and then creating them.

“Would you like to add anything else?”