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The Hashtracks platform of Boemstudio is a show-and-tell platform for ambitious audio engineers. Each week hashtracks shares (parts of) multitracks, for you to download and mix as you like. Hashtracks also shares tips & tricks, interesting articles, interviews with producers and engineers and much more. Everything you need to know as an audio engineer!

“What fears could have stopped you from using our services?”

To not have the option of personal (face to face) contact. We are not used to using a service without having met people personally. We were wondering how meetings would go and whether people can adjust quickly. In addition, there has to be trust that the execution of agreements will be done properly.

“What made you decide to use our services after all? ”

The expertise during our meetings made us realize that you possess all the qualities to strengthen our team. You have full knowledge of the facts and met our needs quickly. After you looked at our platform you were able to create a plan fast. This plan displayed clear knowledge and professionalism, which created trust on our part. In addition, you have all the expertise under one roof, for half of the price of a freelancer in the Netherlands.

“What have our services added so far?”

The entire development and advising of our platform’s backend.

“What aspect of our services do you find most valuable?”

Expertise within the entire field of web development. Because of this you can clearly look at the bigger picture and give good advice accordingly.

“Can you name 3 other benefits of our services?”

Quick interaction through the communication channels. Clear picture of what is being worked on. A lot of knowledge and expertise for what it costs.

“Would you recommend our services within your network?”

I recommend your services to my network. I have never seen such quick, professional and good cooperation for this price before.

“Would you like to add anything else?”

This is the perfect service to outsource. Business meetings don’t need to be face to face and it almost feels like someone is at our office. In addition, they take on tasks quickly, making it possible to work on a product immediately.