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Inforegio was founded in 1993 and specializes in producing city guides. Inforegio produces over 120 guides a year and this by request cities only. But that’s not all. Through the online platform Inforegio is helping small and large merchants with their online marketing. Inforegio created excellent websites, web shops and online reservation systems.

"What fears could have stopped you from using our services?"

The only thing we were worried about was how communication would go. Sometimes it’s hard to explain something via a computer and even more so in a foreign language. This does not seem to be a problem and the communication is actually quicker than with our previous Belgian partner.

"What made you decide to use our services after all?"

Working with you was the best choice for us, because of the quick start and many positive references. After seeing some of the references we realized their developers are hands-on. Your workflow is also very flexible, we can easily arrange for the developer to do more or less tasks or for a second developer to be added to the team. The price tag was also a big plus, since these services cannot be found for this price anywhere.

"What have our services added so far?"

The services have proved their value. The biggest tasks regarding our web application were done faster than we thought. We appreciate that greatly and so do our clients.

"What aspect of our services do you find most valuable?"

Flexibility, the possibility to increase or decrease the amount of work hours per month, and the ability to add an extra developer where necessary.

"Can you name 3 other benefits of our services?"

Price Good developers Smooth communication

"Would you recommend our services within your network?"

Yes, absolutely.

"Would you like to add anything else?"