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Online scheduling software and management system for flight operations

“What fears could have stopped you from using our services?”

The value for money

“What made you decide to use our services after all?”

We knew each other already and I knew you had good developers. By visiting you in Wroclaw and discussing the project with your developer we quickly gained trust. The developer seemed very loyal and driven.

“What have our services added so far?”

Further expansion of the application. Contributed to the basis we have today.

“What aspect of our services do you find most valuable?”

Flexibility in a quick start. The conditions in the contract are good, together with the flexibility of notice period of the contract. The facilities and licences are with you, so we didn’t have to take care of that either. What we also find positive is that you have a large team of developers and therefore a wide range of knowledge that is easily transferable.

“Can you name 3 other benefits of our services?”

Good communication, quality completion, follow-up afterwards

“Would you recommend our services within your network?”

Yes, we would for sure.

“Would you like to add anything else?”

Keep doing what you’re doing.