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1993EU borders have been open sinceBelgium was among the founders!

So this was


Years ago!

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Belgium companies are thinking global in terms of export. But they are still thinking extremely local in terms of resources and teams. Pleaseeee!
start thinking global for everything

Time to GO global today. Wake up!

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Are you searching for the best, smartest & most motivated ICT programming guys? Then please stop searching in the small boundaries of Belgium.

Poland can be your answer. The Belgian economy is stable, that’s a fact. But let’s face it: stable is boring and boring creates mediocrity and mediocrity doesn’t stimulate the motivation to move forward.

If you want to deliver products and services that exceed expectations, start thinking outside the box and outside Belgium.

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Poland is an extremely fast growing economy. Growth creates motivated people, opportunities, speed, accuracy & hard working attitudes.

The Polish Universities are rated as one of the best in Europe and every year they are delivering top notch ICT developers. Successful companies like Google, Oracle, IBM, etc. all know this for many years and are all located in Poland for that same reason.